Answering the Call - Duane Martin

Today, we are honored to have Duane and Julia Martin and their family, missionaries to Mexico, ministering.  In 2 Kings 1, Elijah answered the call of God. Duane asks the all important question - Will you?

Authority and Favor

In the final segment of Haggai, God reverses a  curse pronounced on afamily, gives his authority to Zerrubabel and promises to use him hightily.  DId you know God can do the same in your life?

Faithful Promises

Promises are only as good as the one who makes them.  We have One who is Faithful and True who has promised us much.  Can we trust Him?

Here It Comes Again

Many times, life beats up against us much like the waves beat the shore.  What should we do when we are getting hit over and over again?

I Am With You

This is an edited version of the messages given by Pastor David Morgan titled "I Am With You". Please forgive the quality. We were experiencing technical issues .

When God Blocks Your Success

What do you do when you find that it is God who is hindering your success?  Today, we will look at Haggai 1 for the answer.

What Time Is It?

It is important to know the times in which you live. Let's look at these times and how we should respond.

The Challenge Comes with the Call

Life is pressuring us from every side. How do we handle all of this and what does it reveal about us?

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