An Effective Representative of Jesus

How we can be the light and love the world needs and desires. There is an answer to the question of how can we have power to be an effective representative of Jesus? 

The Holy Spirit

In having an infinitely more life, there is someone you should know - the Holy Spirit. So who is he and what does he do?

Jesus Loves Me

Do you know that your performance and others' opinions of you do not tell your importance and worth? Today, we will look in the book of Ephesians at the grounding force of a life of infinitely more.

I Will

Have you ever had someone who broke a promise to you? Sometimes, it is difficult to trust people. Jesus made many promises. Can we trust Him? The answer to that is YES. He kept the promises to his disciples, and He will keep them to you as well.

Getting Refueled

Special Guest Pastor Scott Wilson shares a timely word about learning to come to Jesus when you are overwhelmed, unfocused, and tired. It is when we come to Jesus that we are refueled and replenished.

Ready for a Miracle

Nothing is too hard for God. He knows our needs, the answers, and is ready to touch you.

Just the Beginning

Do you wish for more? Well, you were created for more - immensely more. Come and join us and learn how you could experience a life of more.

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